American Dream

American view

Danish view

  • The American Perception of the American Dream

    Most perceptions of the American dream for us is the want of material things. People want the white picket fence with the nice family and the perfect life. Along with that comes the want to be rich and famous. Immigrants had the idea that anyone could come to America and automatically become wealthy. Back in the days America was a country for opportunity. Jobs were abundant and available to almost anyone. Despite hard times and difficult working conditions, American’s and immigrants still wanted to fulfill the idea of the American Dream. America has come a long way and with its development has come changes to the American Dream.

  • The Danish Perception of the American Dream!

    The American Dream is the opportunity to pursuit happiness. But one can discuss what this happiness includes. Is it a question of earning as much money as possible? Or moving from one social class to another? Or establish a family, where the children will have different and more options than one self.
    Perhaps the most important thing with the American dream is more the opportunity than the actual happiness. The fact that you feel welcome in America no matter who you are. The opportunity to have an equal chance as everybody else and it is up to the individual to use this opportunity.

    This equal chance as the American dream contains is build on the history of the country. As the history has evolved through times, the American dream has been evolved as well. In the old times the American Dream was about pursuing happiness and find a place where you felt home. Now a days the American Dream is more about success, not in life in general, but in your economic situation. One can might say that the meaning of the American Dream has changed and some would maybe claim that one cannot say "The American Dream" without saying the word 'money'.
    The meaning of the American Dream will continue to change as long as the society will evolve.